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The G2 Control System is a completely new operating system, hardware, cabinet and interface for all REELEX coiling machines. Integrating equipment control with troubleshooting, on-screen manual, packaging calculator, multi-language support, product storage, networking capability and more, the G2 Control system is designed for 21st century industrial environments.

At the heart of the G2 control system is an industrial-pc handling software calculations interfaced by High-Definition 12-inch wide-screen touchscreen HMI programmed in-house.

The G2 Control System is available as an upgrade to D-750, D-1500 and D-2000 REELEX machines, and is shipping with all new coiling equipment.

Hardware Features

Compared with the first generation REELEX machines, The G2 Control System is simpler, more reliable and easier to work on than the previous generation. Now industrial PC-based and running primarily on 24 volts, the new controls have the following hardware improvements:

Industrial-PC Based

Digital Controls

Easy Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Tuning

Digital Air Regulation

Software Features

Powered by a Red-Lion Graphite HMI, the REELEX-designed HMI software provides huge benefits to your REELEX machine's functionality and ease of operation.

Simple, Intuitive and Precise Controls

Product Storage and Machine Setup

Improved Machine Security

On-Screen Maintenance, Help and Troubleshooting

Machine Networking, Upgrades and More

G2 HMI Overview Video

G2 Controls Overview

HMI Screens


The Home Screen is a read-only screen and is the operator's primairy readout screen while the machine is running.

Information includes product name, footage counter (in meters or feet), preset stop lengths, spark, lump and printing notifications, messages, production run length and more.


Once saved on the settings screen, the product select screen displays up to 50 products by part number or unique ID.

Changing machine settings is as simple as pressing the product being run. A wide range of settings such as coil parameters, tension, footage and more are saved to each product for one-press retrieval.


The Settings screen sets up winding parameters and controls machine function. Length presets, hole size, gain settings, tension control, product ID and product description can all be changed on this screen.

Not sure what settings to use? The HMI has a REELEX packaging calculator built on screen to take the guesswork out of product setup.


Maintenance screens provide real-time readouts of what's going on inside the REELEX machine.

Valves, switches, I/O, encoder and sensor positions are all viewable in real time. For more in-depth debugging, a slide-out terminal is available inside the control cabinet equipped with a comprehensive troubleshooting program.


A comprehensive machine manual is available on screen. From packaging to maintenance to setup, all information pertaining to the individual machine is available at the touch of a finger.

Screen-specific help screens display help information relevant to the last screen displayed.


The built-in calculator mirrors the online version, and adds detailed packaging specifications.

This calculator is similar to the one found on our site here: REELEX packaging calculator

Once the calculations are acceptable, the operator simply presses "use settings" to set the machine up for that product.

System Configuration

Defaults can be set for units (metric or imperial), language, machine type and more.

One universal HMI software system supports all machines, including those with DHS or SHS-750 spoolers connected.

Machine Setup

Tweaks and adjustments to machine function can be made on this screen, including setting up online or offline operation, behavior when a fault is detected, footage counter calibration, quality control behaviors and more.

Coil Size Fine Tuning

A small popup screen is accessible on the home screen so that operators can make small, on-the-fly adjustments to coil size. This allows operators to make small adjustments without requiring login access to other screens.

Interested in Upgrading?

Upgrading a machine to G2 involves an entirely new controller (including cabinet), drives, and complete electronics. The machine itself must also be rewired for the new control system, including new valves, sensors and more. Thus, due to the scope of the upgrade, eligible machines must be shipped to REELEX and also allow for testing. All shipping charges are born by the customer. Once completed, the machine and G2 controller are covered by a one year warranty.