Specialty Coiling Machines

Leveraging 40 years of coiling knowledge allows REELEX to provide custom coiling and winding equipment for a variety of applications.

D-510A Torpedo Winder

Specialty and Custom Coiling

40 years of coiling and winding experience.

Because of the unique nature of the REELEX figure-eight wind, our engineers have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience about tension, precision and control systems. This experience has been used in a variety of specialty projects ranging from military applications to remote vehicle applications, to oil and gas and much more.

Beginnings in military applications.

REELEX got its start in packaging cable for battlefield applications. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, REELEX honed its technology on the “battlefield pack” – a backpack deploying up to 500m of communications cable. Fast forward to today, and REELEX offers consultation and expertise for a variety of military and civilian projects.

Not just figure-eight coiling.

While REELEX focuses on the figure-eight wind and packaging, we have provided a wide variety of custom and specialty projects, many of which use other types of winding methods.

Some past projects have included:

  • Oil and gas shipborne cable deployment
  • Indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable packaging projects
  • Welding wire packaging
  • Wire-guided missile and torpedo projects
  • Seismic and oil and gas Down-well projects for seismic and oil and gas industries

Custom Project Examples

Due to NDA agreements, much of the custom work and equipment we have built cannot be shown. However, here are some examples of what we can show you.

D-510A Torpedo Coiling Machine

The D-510A utilizes our high-density coiling technology to produce coils of copper or fiber optic cables used in guiding torpedos or other projectiles.


The D-510A coil winder is a highly specialized winding machine that produces a multi-count universal wind. It is a completely self-contained machine and includes payoff, dancer/tension control, and take-up.

This highly precise machine produces coils that are extremely dense, self-supporting, and are perfectly cylindrical in shape. These coils can be then dispensed from the inside or the outside of the coil.

The D-510A was originally designed for military applications requiring dense wire packages and smooth payout from the center of the coil.

However, it should be noted that this coil type does not utilize REELEX technology and thus does impart a twisting or “corkscrew” in the product during payout.

These types of coils have been typically used in torpedos and missiles as a way to package long lengths of control cable.


Maximum Spindle RPM150
Traverse Width40 mm to 450 mm (1.6 in. to 17.7 in.)
Maximum Coil Diameter450 mm (17.7 in.) max
Mandrel (Coil ID)78 mm (3.07 in.) typical, custom sizes available.
Maximum Density Factor92%
Round Wire Capability0.5 to 7.0 mm (.020 in. to .270 in)
Flat Wire Capability0.5 x 1.35 to 0.9 x 1.55 mm (.020 x .050 to .035 x .061 in.)
Integral PayoffYes, Mounted on Frame
Pricing - MachinePlease Inquire

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