Motorized Payoff

REELEX’s own motorized payoff is specially designed to support REELEX equipment. This includes the ability to rapidly start and stop repeatedly and in a controlled manner.



Heavy duty supply reel handling.

To match the unique variations in line tension caused by the winding process, REELEX Packaging Solutions chose to manufacture its own high-performance motorized payoff capable of providing the rapid response time needed to respond to sudden changes in line tension. REELEX’s motorized payoff is specially designed to handle frequent stops and starts as well as have precise rotational control over large payoff reels.

Motorized Payoff Overview

Maximum Reel Diameter
Maximum Reel Weight
Accel / Decel


Heavy Duty Performance

0 to 3,000fpm in 10 seconds.

REELEX payoffs are designed to get the most output from a REELEX machine. Because most REELEX machines (with the exception of the D-1500) must come to a stop at the end of each coil, the entire supply reel must also come to a stop. By reducing the amount of time required to accelerate or decelerate the supply reel, the overall output of the REELEX machine increases, as less time is spent ramping up or down and more time is spent winding at high speed.


Accommodation for various reel sizes.

REELEX motorized payoffs can accommodate many reel sizes, and weights, and pintle, drive dogs and gearing can be designed to adapt to any reel configuration.

This motorized payoff is designed to handle reels between 24 to 52 inches (610 to 1300mm). For reels smaller than 24 inches, the MMPO mid-sized payoff is suitable.

Precise Tension Control

Always the right speed.

The four quadrant regenerative DC drive applies torque quickly and efficiently to speed up or slow down reel rotation. The drive is fed via signals from the UDA’s laser potentiometer which provides clean, accurate positioning. As the REELEX machine speeds up and empties the dancer, the position of the bottom sheaves is translated to a voltage reading, which is fed back to the payoff and signals the motors to apply torque and thus spin the supply reel. The sheave run height is adjustable, thus providing a zero reference for the acceleration or deceleration of the payoff.


Capable of accommodating supply reels up to 52 inches (132cm) and 3,500 lbs (1600kg) at speeds up to 3,000 feet per minute (900m/min), the REELEX motorized payoff is highly recommended to complete a high-output rewind REELEX packaging line.


Reel Diameter24 to 52 inches (610 to 1,300mm)
Reel Width13 to 40 inches (330 to 1,000mm)
Reel Weight3,500 lb (1,600kg) maximum
Maxmimum Line Speed3,000 feet per minute (900 mpm)
Acceleration Time10 sec or less, but depends on overall reel diameter and weight
Deceleration Time10 sec or less, but depends on overall reel diameter and weight
ControllerIncluded controller features operator push-buttons and relay logic for safe and proper line tension. Line tension control is supplied by dancer system 1K to 5K linear pot.
Motors10 HP (7.5 KW) DC standard, 5 HP (3.75 KW) DC, or 15 HP (11.25 KW) optional
DriveFour quadrant regenerative DC drive
TransmissionTwo-speed cog belt drive on 15 HP model. Four-speed drive-all transmission on 5 HP and 10 HP models
BrakeEmergency stop brake rated at 300 ft-lbs
Reel LiftPneumatic reel lifting
Power Supply Requirement5HP - 230 v., 1 ph., 30 amps
10HP - 230 v., 3 ph., 40 amps
15HP - 460 v., 3 ph., 30 amps
Air Supply Requrement70 psi (5 bar) minimum air supply required.


Pricing - Machine
Machine Base Price (Purchase)$41,700.00 (10 HP Motor)
Rent/Month (Rental)$1,244.00* (10 HP Motor)
Crating Charge$750.00



Knowledge Base and FAQs

Yes, however you will likely be unable to achieve maximum performance from your REELEX machine. This is because underpowered payoffs spend more time accelerating or decelerating then running at full speed.  To achieve the specified rate of production from your REELEX machine, you must utilize a payoff that is capable of rapidly accelerating and decelerating a supply reel and keep it under control.

If you plan to use a non-REELEX payoff with REELEX coiling machines, the payoff must:

  • Have a four-quandrant regenerative DC drive.
  • Accept inputs from a 1K to 5K Ohm potentiometer signal from the UDA dancer.
  • Be designed for rapid acceleration and deceleration from stop to full speed approximately 30 times per hour.
  • Have adequate power to accelerate a full supply reel from stop to full speed in approximately 10 seconds.

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