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REELEX Packaging Solutions takes pride in superior customer service and is fully committed to supporting the needs of all REELEX licensees. Our highly regarded technicians can be almost anywhere in the world in 48 hours or less. On this page, you can find solutions to common problems as well as contact our support staff directly.

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REELEX Service Policies

All verbal or electronic advice, consultation or other assistance given over phone or email is always free of charge.

Issues with REELEX equipment should first be reviewed with REELEX technicians over phone or email before a service call is deemed necessary. Many issues can be resolved without a visit.

Service calls are billed per REELEX’s service rates.

Maintenance Performed by Licensee:

Aside from mandrels and endforms, components used in REELEX machines are similar to components used in other common machinery in the wire and cable industry. As a part of the commissioning process of every REELEX machine, the REELEX commissioning technician will provide training to the Licensee’s maintenance personnel for performing troubleshooting and routine maintenance.

REELEX machines have an extensive onboard troubleshooting system that can identify many common problems. In addition, service assistance from REELEX by phone or email is always available and always free. Licensees are expected to employ mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel with adequate training and experience to work in a manufacturing facility. Specialized training is not required. Once some minimal experience is acquired with REELEX machinery, most common problems can routinely be handled by Licensee’s maintenance personnel. In the rare cases where a REELEX technician is needed, they can be dispatched with very little notice.

Service Rates

Service Rates

Frequently Asked Questions and Knowledge Base

Try increasing the pull cable value.  Screen 12 on the computer inside the controller.  The only thing with this is it uses the same number for left and right so they will both speed up but this may be a good short term fix before you do a full tune of the drive. I would try increasing in increments of 50.  What is the setting now ?

Like many licensing arrangements, the customer, or “Licensee”, pays REELEX system usage fees, or “royalties”, that are based upon the production capability of the REELEX coiling machines that they own or rent.

These royalties are typically paid annually for those that own up to two REELEX machines, and monthly for those that rent equipment. For large manufacturers operating three or more coiling machines, the annual fees are based upon a customer’s annual sales volume of REELEX packages. More information on the Royalty schedule structure can be found here.

The Royalty fees are collected from ALL REELEX licensees. Everyone with a D-750 pays the same fee regardless of how long they have been a customer, or how many machines they have. The small companies can compete equally with large companies with no favoritism. These royalties keep REELEX in business so we can continue to provide parts, service, know-how and decades worth of R&D to our customers. Without the royalty fee REELEX would be out of business very soon, and so would service and parts to support over 300 active REELEX machines, over 100 major cable producing facilities and thousands upon thousands of distributors around the globe.

Royalty Fee Structure

Coiling Machines:Single-Spindle Machines
(RS1, D-750, S290)
Dual-Spindle Machines
Automated Machines
Annual Fee:
(Purchased Machines)
Monthly Fee:
(Rented Machines)

There is a one time License Fee of $7,500 associated with the signing of the License Agreement. This transaction indicates the acquisition of the license to produce REELEX packages.

You will also need a REELEX machine to produce REELEX coils. If you are an OEM and are purchasing or having a REELEX Licensee manufacture cable for you, you will need to obtain the REELEX trademark from the manufacturer and put it on your packaging. Alternatively, you can sign a REELEX trademark agreement.

Yes, however you will likely be unable to achieve maximum performance from your REELEX machine. This is because underpowered payoffs spend more time accelerating or decelerating then running at full speed.  To achieve the specified rate of production from your REELEX machine, you must utilize a payoff that is capable of rapidly accelerating and decelerating a supply reel and keep it under control.

If you plan to use a non-REELEX payoff with REELEX coiling machines, the payoff must:

  • Have a four-quandrant regenerative DC drive.
  • Accept inputs from a 1K to 5K Ohm potentiometer signal from the UDA dancer.
  • Be designed for rapid acceleration and deceleration from stop to full speed approximately 30 times per hour.
  • Have adequate power to accelerate a full supply reel from stop to full speed in approximately 10 seconds.


REELEX documentation is organized in Google Drive. If you cannot access the directory below, please contact us and let us know what documentation you need.

REELEX Equipment Manuals and Documentation

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