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REELEX Packaging Solutions takes pride in superior customer service and is fully committed to supporting the needs of all REELEX licensees. Our highly regarded technicians can be almost anywhere in the world in 48 hours or less. On this page, you can find solutions to common problems as well as contact our support staff directly.

If you require a part or have a technical question, please contact us or you may contact us by phone or email.

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The Basics of REELEX Service and Support

About Maintaining REELEX Equipment

Aside from mandrels and endforms, components used in REELEX machines are similar to components used in other common machinery in the wire and cable industry. As a part of the commissioning process of every REELEX machine, the REELEX commissioning technician will provide training to the Licensee’s maintenance personnel for performing troubleshooting and routine maintenance.

REELEX machines have an extensive onboard troubleshooting system that can identify many common problems. In addition, service assistance from REELEX by phone or email is always available and always free. Licensees are expected to employ mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel with adequate training and experience to work in a manufacturing facility. Specialized training is not required. Once some minimal experience is acquired with REELEX machinery, most common problems can routinely be handled by Licensee’s maintenance personnel. In the rare cases where a REELEX technician is needed, they can be dispatched with very little notice.

Expanded Warranty Program

Want the peace of mind of yearly REELEX machine tuneups and preventative maintenance by REELEX personnel? How about the predictability of a prix fixe maintenance schedule?

We now offer an expanded warranty program for most modern REELEX equipment. This program brings your REELEX equipment back under the warranty umbrella while adding the following benefits:

Learn More about the Expanded Warranty Program

Service Rates

Labor Rate

$80000per day
  • Single rate per technician, per day rate regardless of holidays, weekends, or weekdays.

Travel Expenses

$TBDwhen known
  • Travel expenses (transportation, lodging and meals) are borne by the customer and are billed when known.


REELEX documentation is organized in Google Drive. If you cannot access the directory below, please contact us and let us know what documentation you need.

REELEX Equipment Manuals and Documentation

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