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Tangle and Twist-Free Packaging Technology.

Sometimes known as a “pull box” package, REELEX® is a patented method of winding cable or any cord-like product in such a way as to result in a reel-less, self supporting coil. This unique coil dispenses from the inside-out without twists, tangles, snags or overruns.

Used by over 100 of the World’s Most Respected Cable Manufacturers

Sold under various brand names by the world’s leading wire and cable manufacturers, REELEX has become the standard packaging system for “last-mile” lengths of structured and low-voltage cabling such as Category 5e, Category 6, security/alarm cables, instrumentation cables, coaxial cables, and is quickly becoming the preferred package for many other types of products like fiber optics, building wire, plastic tubing, and more.

For over 40 years, the standard package for “last-mile” lengths of structured cabling.

Faster Installations
Less waste volume then spools
Twists, tangles, rotation or tension

The leader in innovative packaging technology for wire, cable, fiber optics, and any other flexible, filamentary product.

One of the great advantages in using REELEX technology is the huge array of package design possibilities.

Because the coil does not rotate and is self-sustaining, you can design the package based on the needs of the customer, the needs of the product, and the environment in which it will be used.

Cardboard, plastic, straps, handle, structural load, low-cost, high-impact – there are no limits.

Timothy Copp, VP of Business Development, REELEX

How are REELEX coils made?

REELEX coils require REELEX machines.

For over 40 years, we have been designing and manufacturing unique REELEX coiling machines and supporting ancillary equipment.

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