More than 40 years of coiling, packaging and ancillary equipment know-how.


REELEX designs and manufactures specialized coiling machinery to produce REELEX coils and packaging.

REELEX Coiling Machine Components

How is a REELEX coil made?

Specialty equipment, unique electronics and advanced know-how.

Where it all happens.

The product enters the guide tube and exits the wire guide which are connected to the traverse. The traverse is controlled via unique electronics and REELEX-build drives for precise layering. The traverse moves back and forth and moves in sync with the rotation of the mandrel as the coil is wound.

The coil builds along the walls of the endforms, which require mathematically-derived curves designed to maintain coil shape and density. When the coil is finished winding, the outer endform attached to the endform arm is pneumatically removed, and the mandrel segments collapse. The coil is now removed from the machine and placed into its final package.

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REELEX Machine Features

Advanced HMI

Unique HMI for unique equipment.

All new REELEX machines feature the “G2” REELEX control system, integrating equipment control with troubleshooting, on-screen manual, packaging calculator, multi-language support, product storage, networking capability and more.

Purpose Built

Over 40 years of specialty equipment know-how.

From the ground-up, all REELEX machines are designed and built at our Patterson, NY facility.

Because REELEX Packaging Solutions is the only manufacturer of REELEX coiling machines, every part is designed and manufactured in-house for dependability and performance.

Unique Electronics

Specially-engineered for proper coil formation.

The unique aspects of the REELEX coiling process require not only bespoke mechanical components, but custom electronics as well.

For example, the large amount of energy produced by the rapid changes in traverse motor speeds requires a highly specialized DC drive. REELEX uses drives designed by our engineers and built in-house to absorb this energy, while providing precise motor control.

Adjustable Precision

Ensuring the perfect fit.

Winding a REELEX coil is an extremely complex operation; which is why the electrical and machanical components of the machine are designed to run in complete harmony while still allowing for flexibility.

Parameters such as holesize, weave ratios, density, hole shift and taper are all adjustable, allowing the coil to be fine-tuned to accommodate different packaging needs.


Easy integration.

REELEX equipment is designed to be incorporated with multiple components in a line, and can be adapted to include additional features. Stretch wrapping, spark testing, printing and other capabilities can all be added to existing machinery and control systems for seamless operation.

Superior Tension Control

Delicate handling for high-performance products.

One of the keys to precise coiling is tension control. Over 40 years, REELEX machines have improved tension control methods to overcome issues such as electrical performance issues on LAN cables. Today’s buffers are precise, lightweight components specifically designed to put minimal stress on the product while maintaining tension requirements.

Coiling Machine Models

Every REELEX machine is capable of making the same figure-eight, self-supporting REELEX coil, but do so at varying speeds and levels of automation. From the fully-automated D-2050, to the single-spindle D-750, we manufacture a wide range of coiling machines for various budgets, products and production needs.

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Variable-width traverse can produce coils 4 to 14 inches (10-35cm) wide

Single operator performs coil removal and packaging functions

Offline (Rewind) Only

Up to 20 Boxes per Hour (1,000 ft/305m length)

Variable width REELEX coiling machine



High-speed G2 Traverse System ideal for slippery products such as Building Wire

Single operator performs coil removal and packaging functions

Offline (Rewind) Only

Up to 60 Coils per Hour (1,000 ft/305m length)

Next-Generation Traverse Technology



Single operator performs coil removal and packaging functions

Offline (Rewind) Only

Up to 40 Boxes per Hour (1,000 ft/305m length)

Dependable single-spindle REELEX coiling



Use up to two operators for maximum output

Online (with Extruder) or Offline (Rewind)

Up to 80 Coils per Hour (1,000 ft/305m length)

Dual-Spindle Coiler with Automatic Transfer



Performs automatic coiling, tube insertion, carton erecting and gluing

No operators required

Online (with extruder) or offline (rewind)

Up to 45 coils per hour (1,000 ft/305m length)

Fully Automatic REELEX Packaging Machine


Ancillary Equipment

In order to support REELEX coiling machines, we also design and manufacture our own ancillary equipment, including dancers, payoffs and accumulators. These machines are specially-designed to achieve maximum performance from the unique characteristics of the REELEX coiling process, including precision tension control, rapid response to changes in line tension, and frequent starts and stops.

Motorized Payoffs

High-performance supply reel payoffs.

To match the unique variations in line tension caused by the winding process, REELEX Packaging Solutions chose to manufacture its own high-performance motorized payoff capable of providing the rapid response time needed to respond to sudden changes in line tension. REELEX’s motorized payoff is specially designed to handle frequent stops and starts as well as have precise rotational control over large payoff reels.


Universal Dancer Accumulator (UDA).

The Universal Dancer Accumulator (UDA) functions as the tension control system relaying signals to the Motorized Payoff or an Accumulator thereby controlling line speed into the REELEX machine.

Tension control is extremely important to proper REELEX coil formation, and with two-stage tension control, high-performance extremely lightweight sheaves and gravity-assisted design, the UDA offers precise control and reacts immediately to demand changes in line tension.


Rapid response accumulator systems.

REELEX accumulators are unique in that the top sheave set is stationary while the bottom sheaves raise or drop depending on demand. This allows REELEX accumulators to leverage the force of gravity in providing extremely rapid response times. REELEX accumulators are also unique in that they are broken into multiple units acting together. This allows the units to accumulate and empty in sequence, allowing for accurate low tension control as well as rapid response.


Integrated payoff, dancer and buffer on one frame.

The REELEX MMPO is designed to be an all-in-one product delivery system incorporating motorized payoff, dancer, buffer and accessories on one frame. The MMPO is ideal for small-diameter products and low-speed operation and is perfect for distributors to rewind reels into REELEX, or for products such as plastic filament and fiber optic cables.

  • Accommodates reels between 24 to 52 inches (610 to 1300mm) and up to 3,500lbs (1600kg).

  • 5HP, 10HP or 15HP options featuring four quadrant regenerative DC drives.

  • Designed for rapid acceleration and deceleration from stop to full speed approximately 30 times per hour.

  • Capable of accelerating a full supply reel from stop to full speed in approximately 10 seconds.

  • Accumulation capacity: 40ft (12m)

  • Features laser potentiometer control, digital air regulator, self-lubricating cylinders, field-changeable configuration.

  • Options include capstan motor, various input/output options, choice between 9″ and 15″ sheave types, length counter and more.

  • Included as part of AC-300 or AC-500 Accumulator systems.

  • Accumulation capacity: 300ft (91m) to 500ft (152m)

  • Features laser potentiometer control, digital air regulator, self-lubricating cylinders, field-changeable configuration.

  • Options include capstan motor, various input/output options, choice between 9″ and 15″ sheave types, length counter and more.

  • Included as part of AC-300 or AC-500 Accumulator systems.

  • Maximum reel size capacity: 30 inches (76cm) and 300 lbs (136kg)

  • Features laser potentiometer control, digital air regulator, self-lubricating cylinders, field-changeable configuration, 15-inch buffer, anti-reverse, length counter and 3HP motor.

  • Maximum speed: 500 RPM (approximately 1,000 feet-per-minute)

  • Ideally matched for RS1

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Equipment Pricing

Between equipment buy-back programs, month-to-month leasing and most-favored licensee pricing, REELEX equipment acquisition is a low-risk, high-reward proposition.

Coiling Offline from Supply Reel or Stem

In this configuration, the REELEX machine is rewinding from a supply source that can be stopped and started. This is typically a supply reel, but could also be other form of bulk supply such as stem or barrel package. If using a supply reel, the incoming line speed is controlled via a Motorized Payoff. This Payoff must be capable of stopping and starting the line each time a coil is produced, thus our REELEX-designed high-performance payoff is highly recommended.

Example Pricing if you RENT:

Rental Per MonthRS1D-750S290D-1500D-2050
REELEX Machine Rental*$1,190.00$1,271.00$2,810.00$2,405.00$6,005.00
Ancillary Equipment
UDA (Dancer)*Included with Payoff$351.00$351.00$351.00$351.00
Motorized Payoff*$1,567.00$1,271.00$1,514.00$1,271.00$1,271.00
Equipment Total*$2,757.00$2,893.00$4,675.00$4,027.00$7,627.00
Ongoing Royalties
Monthly Royalty Fees*$1,081.00$1,081.00$1,081.00$1,353.00$1,711.00

Example Pricing if you BUY:

Purchase PriceRS1D-750S290D-1500D-2050
REELEX Machine Price$74,500.00$75,100.00$87,500.00$164,700.00$675,000.00
Ancillary Equipment
UDA (Dancer)Included with Payoff$13,800.00$18,000.00$13,800.00$13,800.00
Motorized Payoff$51,320.00$59,800.00$59,800.00$59,800.00
Equipment Total$125,820.00$148,700.00$105,500.00$238,300.00$748,600.00
Ongoing Royalties
Annual Royalty Fees*$12,977.00$12,977.00$12,977.00$16,221.00$20,546.00

Coiling Online from Extruder

If coiling product coming directly from a constant-speed source (such as in line with an extruder), only the D-1500 or D-2050 are suitable, as they can switch between mandrels without operator intervention. However, because the incoming product must stop while the transfer takes place, an Accumulator is required to take up the incoming product. The accumulator is then emptied when the transfer is complete and the coiling machine begins winding again.

Example Pricing if you RENT:

Rental Per MonthD-1500D-2050
REELEX Machine Rental*$2,405.00$6,005.00
Ancillary Equipment
Accumulator System*$1,756.00$2,000.00
Equipment Total*$4,161.00$8,005.00
Ongoing Royalties
Monthly Royalty Fees*$1,353.00$1,711.00

Example Pricing if you BUY:

Purchase PriceD-1500D-2050
REELEX Machine Price$164,700.00$675,000.00
Ancillary Equipment
Equipment Total$222,900.00$740,800.00
Ongoing Royalties
Annual Royalty Fees*$16,221.00$20,546.00

*Adjusted annually per the CPI-U inflation index.
Terms and Conditions: EXW, Patterson, NY, USA. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices effective Jan 1, 2019. 

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