Accumulator Systems

REELEX-built accumulators offer rapid response and low-tension in online REELEX packaging configurations.



High-performance accumulation and tension control for online configurations.

REELEX Accumulator systems are necessary to accumulate product coming into the line at a constant rate, such as at the end of an extruder jacketing line. REELEX’s accumulator systems are unique in that they provide near-immediate response to changes in output line speeds caused by the REELEX machine, while maintaining low overall tension. Two models are available: the AC-300 which accumulates 300ft (91m) and the AC-500, which can accomodate 500ft (152m).

AC-300 / AC-500 Overview

Maximum Capacity
Maximum Line Speed
Minimum Line Tension

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REELEX accumulators are three-unit accumulation systems which feature sophisticated electronic monitoring and control. The controller monitors each individual unit separately so that the lightest accumulator is programmed for instantaneous response to changing line speeds. Once the first accumulator is filled, the second accumulator reacts until filled and so on. This has the effect of highly accurate low-tension control combined with rapid line change response.

The AC-300 can accumulate up to 300 feet (91m) and is best matched to the D-1500, while the AC-500 can accumulate up to 500 feet (152m) and is best matched to the D-2050.


Capacity - AC-300300 feet (91m)
Capacity - AC-500500 feet (152m)
Online CapableYes
Maximum Line Speed2,000 feet per minute maximum (610mpm)
Minimum TensionMinimum Tension 3 lbs (1.4 kg)
Recommended ConfigurationAC-300 normally used with D-1500. AC-500 normally recommended for D-2050
ControllerController featuring relay logic and two drives. Accumulation control is linked to REELEX controller.
SheavesHigh Performance 15-inch sheaves standard, others available on request.
Unit 1UDA system is included as part of the accumulator system and is a six-foot (183cm) tall dancer system equipped with accumulation function, nine sheaves (5 over 4), laser potentiometer control, digital air regulator, one sheave for input and a motor driven capstan. Capacity: 40 feet (12m)
Unit 2Ten foot tall accumulator with an eight foot air-loaded cable cylinder (adjustable to 80 psi), fourteen aluminum sheaves plus motor-driven capstan, and a laser potentiometer. Top sheaves are air piston locked in position except during string-up when they may be lowered. Bottom sheaves are active using gravity and cable cylinder. Capacity: 80 feet (24m)
Unit 3Same as Unit 2 except it has no capstan motor and uses twenty-seven aluminum sheaves for 160 feet (49m) of accumulation
Length, Width, Height102” (259cm), 48” (122cm), 120” (305cm) (AC-300 dimensions)
ColorEquipment is painted Sky Blue (RAL 5015) unless otherwise specified at time of order. Custom paint other than RAL 5015 is a extra charge option for new equipment.
Air-Supply Requirement70 psi (5 bar) minimum air supply required.
Power Supply Requirement230 v (+/- 10%), 3 phase, 40 amps, 50/60 Hz. Transformer is available upon request.


Pricing - MachineAC-300AC-500
Machine Base Price (Purchase)$60,000.00$66,000.00
Crating Charge$2000.00
Pricing - Options
Safety FencingIncludedIncluded


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