Advanced Controls for Advanced Control

G2 Control System

  • Available on RS1 and S290

  • Proprietary software running on an Industrial PC

  • Interface to PC is via a touchscreen HMI

  • Upgrades for G1 equipment not available
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G3 Control System

  • Available on D-750+ and D-1500+

  • Single PCB (“Winding Module) controls most functions

  • Replaces multiple circuit boards with single component

  • Field-installable upgrades for single-spindle G1 equipment
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Next Generation Controls

Replacing nearly all of the circuitry in the legacy “G1” REELEX machines, G2 and G3 control systems offer reliability, advanced features and connectivity befitting the 21st century.

Control System Comparison

Control System VersionG1G2G3
Available On:No longer availableS290, RS1D-510 (upgrade only), D-750 (upgrade and new equipment), D-1500
Operator Interface:Thumbwheels, KeypadsHMI TouchscreenHMI Touchscreen
Processing (CPU):7803A BoardPC-Based CPUWinding Module PCB
Encoder Handling:W600 BoardW602 and W603 Board
Interface to CPU:W401 Board
Interface from Controls:W90 Board/W801 BoardA0B6-P Board
Interface with I/O:7507 BoardI/O-48PB-16

Software Features

Both G2 and G3 controls feature similar software incorporating advanced features that greatly expand the usability and functionality of the REELEX machine.

HMI Interface

Interfacing with both G2 and G3 controls is a high-definition Red Lion Graphite 12-inch HMI running proprietary REELEX software. This software brings REELEX equipment deep into the 21st century, with real-time troubleshooting, multi-language support, recipe functions, networking functionality and more.

HMI Screens

Home Screen

The Home Screen is a read-only screen and is the operator’s primary readout screen while the machine is running.

Information includes product name, footage counter (in meters or feet), preset stop lengths, spark, lump and printing notifications, messages, production run length and more.

Product Selection

Once saved on the settings screen, the product select screen displays up to 200 products by part number or unique ID.

Changing machine settings is as simple as pressing the product being run. A wide range of settings such as coil parameters, tension, footage and more are saved to each product for one-press retrieval.

Settings Screen

The Settings screen allows the user to change coil parameters, speed settings and much more and save these settings to a Product ID. The product can later be called up on the Products screen, and all applicable settings are downloaded into the machine.

The user can also access the Packaging Calculator from here and have the computer suggest product settings to achieve a desired coil size.

Machine Setup

Machine setup and configuration is intuitive and is achieved on the Setup screen. Here, the user can change the machine operation modes, alter machine behavior when a spark or fault is encountered, and set up online printing parameters.


Maintenance screens provide real-time readouts of what’s going on inside the REELEX machine.

Valves, switches, I/O, encoder and sensor positions are all viewable in real time without having to open the control cabinet.

On-Screen Help

A comprehensive help manual is available on screen. From packaging to maintenance to setup, all information pertaining to the individual machine is available at the touch of a finger.

Screen-specific help screens display help information relevant to the last screen displayed.

HMI Overview Video