PC-Based REELEX Control System


The Standard in REELEX Controls.

Originally debuting on the D-2000, the G2 control system now powers most REELEX equipment and has been the standard controls for most REELEX machines since 2012. Starting in 2018, the G3 control system will replace G2 on some equipment.

G2 Overview

The G2 Control System is a completely new operating system, hardware, cabinet and interface for all REELEX coiling machines. Integrating equipment control with troubleshooting, on-screen manual, packaging calculator, multi-language support, product storage, networking capability and more, the G2 Control system is designed for 21st century industrial environments.

At the heart of the G2 control system is an industrial-pc handling software calculations interfaced by High-Definition 12-inch wide-screen touchscreen HMI programmed in-house.

The G2 Control System is currently standard on RS1, S290, D-1500 and D-2050 REELEX machines.

G2/G3 Software Features

G2/G3 HMI Overview Video

 Manuals and Documentation


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