PCB-Based REELEX Control System


The Future of REELEX Controls is Here.

The REELEX G3 Control System is an entirely new control system which pairs a proprietary custom-designed PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with a high-definition touchscreen HMI interface.

G3 Overview

Replacing nearly all of the circuitry in the legacy “G1” REELEX machines, the G3 Winding Module circuit board combines encoder monitoring, processing, calculations, I/O and interfacing onto a single integrated unit. These components interact with existing I/O boards to control machine functions.

Interfacing with the Winding Module is a high-definition Red Lion Graphite 12-inch HMI running proprietary REELEX software. This software brings REELEX equipment well into the 21st century, with real-time troubleshooting, multi-language support, recipe functions, networking functionality and more.

Legacy REELEX machines can be upgraded in the field with G3 controls, effectively bringing older equipment to modern standards.

Software Features

G2/G3 HMI Overview Video

G3 Upgrade for Legacy REELEX Machines

Legacy G1 D-750 and D-510 machines can be field-upgraded with G3 controls via an upgrade kit.
This kit replaces the fundamental control system on G1 machines with G3 components and mounts to the existing control cabinet. This upgrade is performed by REELEX technicians and takes less than three days.

The G3 Upgrade Kit

Please note that the G3 Field Upgrade is currently only available for “G1” D-510 and D-750 single-spindle machines with REELEX (Windings) built controls.
G1G3 Upgrade

The G3 Upgrade Kit Includes:

  • 12-inch High-Definition Touchscreen
  • I/O Module for HMI
  • Prewired Control Buttons and Labels
  • Cables and connectors for integrating with existing I/O.
  • WM/01-P Winding Module Circuit board and housing.
  • PB24WM board for interfacing I/O with the Winding Module.
  • Relays and power supply.
  • Replaces air regulator on dancer or UDA.
  • Enables tension to be controlled via HMI
  • Includes Digital Air Regulator and Associated Hardware
  • Increases resolution of existing counter from 4 pulses to 10 pulses per revolution.
  • Up to three days of labor is included in the price of the upgrade.
  • Travel expenses are additional and will be billed when known.
  • Training and general machine tune-up are provided.

G3 Upgrade Pricing

Item NumberDescriptionPrice
D750G3/UPGRADE/K01G3 Upgrade for G1 D-750 Machines$14,900.00*
D510G3/UPGRADE/K01G3 Upgrade for G1 D-510 Machines$14,900.00*

Terms and Conditions: EXW, Patterson, NY, USA. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices effective Jan 1, 2020. *Includes a maximum of 3 man-days of labor including installation and training. Travel expenses are extra and will be billed when known.

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