The D-2050 is our fully-automated REELEX packaging machine capable for both online and offline packaging. This machine performs coiling, tube insertion and boxing functions without the assistance of an operator.



Evolution of a global standard in automated cable packaging.

The D-2050 is an evolution of the D-2000, with myriad improvements, new features and upgrades. Equipped with an entirely new glue system, upgrades to nearly every major component, unique programming improvements and the option to configure for glued EcoCore tube usage, the D-2050 represents the latest in REELEX packaging machinery.

D-2050 Overview

Feet per Minute (Maximum)*
Boxes per Hour*
Operators per Machine

*Under ideal and stable conditions running Category 6-sized product online. Product characteristics such as OD, jacket type, weight and others can influence maximum speed.



Hot-Melt Glue System

Accurate, drip-free glue application.

The Nordson ProBlue hot-glue system is a tankless system with external hopper. This system allows glue to be stored away from the heaters in an external 32 Gallon/120 Liter hopper.

This reduces the risk the operator coming in contact with hot adhesives and surfaces, while allowing many days worth of glue to be stored in a “fill it and forget it” configuration.

The new glue system also increases the reliability and precision of the glue spray, eliminating drips, reducing messes and providing a cleaner application.

Robotic Transfer

Robotic arm reduces cycle time.

Replacing the D-2000’s pneumatic cut-and-grab mechanism is a servo-actuated robotic arm, allowing the cut/grab/replace process to occur much faster, decreasing transfer time.

The increase in speed and accuracy during the transfer operation decreases cycle time and gives the D-2050 higher overall output than the D-2000.

Automated Tube Insertion

Tube goes in, wire comes out.

Jaws on the tip of the tube loader together with wire deflection segments ensures the inside edge of the tube fully penetrates the wall of the coil, thereby insuring against tangling upon payout.

The improved tube support design also places a better distribution of pressure on the wall of the tube, allowing for more reliable insertion. The revised tube loader is also configurable to work with EcoCore cardboard tubes for 100% compostable packaging.

Non-Contact Counter Standard

Less contact, more accuracy.

Replacing the magnet/wheel length counter is a non-contact laser length counter with better than ±0.05% accuracy. This length and speed measuring unit eliminates a contact point with the cable, and does away with the need to adjust the length scalar setting to accommodate wheel wear.

Servo Motors

Smooth, Controlled Action

The D-2050 replaces several air cylinders with servo motors. On the box folding table, the entire assembly now moves smoothly and quietly and with more precision than ever before. This allows for granular adjustment of various components, resulting in clean and reliable box assembly.

High-Performance Buffer

High performance suspension.

The key to creating precise REELEX coils is controlling the tension as the product is wound. Every REELEX machine includes a specially designed extremely lightweight ring-sheave buffer system to maintain even tension and create a precise wind.

All machines come standard with 15″ sheaves for high performance products such as Category 6, 6A and Fiber Optics.

HMI Touchscreen Controls

Calculate, save, diagnose, control.

The next-generation HMI control system is standard on all REELEX machines and revolutionizes how REELEX equipment is used.

The high-definition 12-inch touchscreen blends off-the-shelf hardware with unique custom software allowing the integration of equipment control with troubleshooting, on-screen manual, packaging calculator, multi-language support, product storage, networking capability and much more.

Two-Stage Tension Control

Handle gently.

When used in combination with the G2 or G3 control system, REELEX’s UDA dancers feature HMI-programmable tension control via digital air regulator and high-flow cylinder. This means each product can have their ideal tension control map, helping to mitigate the effects of physical pressure placed on the cable at the crossover point. What does that mean? That means high performance data cables stay high performance, with less physical deformities.

New Anti-Reverse

Redesigned for delicate cables.

The new AR6 anti-reverse design eliminates multiple bend points by clamping the cable via soft, high-grip belts. These belts use even, distributed pressure and eliminate pinch-points. The AR6 design is ideal for high-performance twisted-pair cables, fiber optic cables, slick-jacketed products and solid-conductor wires.

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Typical rewind-line production rate is thirty five to forty five (35-45) coils per hour. Actual rates may vary depending on product type, supply reel length and supply reel switchover time. Online, and in unison with an AC-500 accumulator, the D-2050 will run up to 800 feet (244m) per minute and produce up to forty-five (45) 1,000 ft (305m) coils in an hour.


Maximum Spindle RPM750
Number of Spindles2
Online CapableYes
Coils per Hour (Offline)35 coils per hour Offline (varies with, payoff reel size and motorized payoff performance)
Coils per Hour (Online)Up to 45 coils per hour Online with an extruder. Will follow extruder speed up to 800ft/min (244m/min)
Operators Required0, 1 part time to remove completed packages and replenish boxes and tubes
Controller"G2" Industrial PC-based control system with integrated sliding control panel and LCD screen inside control cabinet featuring two speed control modes, real-time displays including program for troubleshooting and testing of all electronic and mechanical functions.
Fully customizable touchscreen HMI operator interface with on-screen help, product recipe storage and retrieval, REELEX packaging calculator, maintenance functions, machine setup, multi-langual options and more.
MotorsOne 5 HP (3.75 KW) DC, 1,750 RPM spindle motor and one 2 HP (1.5 KW) DC, 1750 RPM traverse motor. Servo motors controlling various functions of machine.
Buffer System15-inch (380 mm) ring sheave buffer designed for Category 6+ cables
CounterNon-contact optical length counter located at input of buffer
SafetyPhysical restrictions to moving parts while machine is running. Interlocks on all doors.
Anti ReverseAutomatic Anti Reverse AAR-1 mounted at input of buffer
Length, Width, Height270” (6.8m), 150” (3.8m), 142” (3.6m)
ColorEquipment is painted Sky Blue (RAL 5015) unless otherwise specified at time of order. Custom paint other than RAL 5015 is a extra charge option for new equipment.
Air-Supply Requirement70 psi (5 bar) minimum air supply required.
Power Supply Requirement230 v (+/- 10%), 3 phase, 40 amps, 50/60 Hz. Transformer is available upon request.


Pricing - Machine
Machine Base Price (Purchase)$675,000.00
Crating Charge$2,000.00
Pricing - Royalties
Royalty FeesSee Table and Information Here

All prices EXW, Patterson, NY, USA. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices effective Jan 1, 2020. *Royalties adjusted annually per the CPI-U inflation index.



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