The S290 features the next generation of REELEX coiling technology – offering increased speed, exacting precision and the ability to wind slippery products such as hookup wire, MTW, building wire, alarm wire, bare wires and much more.

G2 Traverse

Taking REELEX Technology to the Next Level

The S290 is the first REELEX machine featuring the G2 Traverse – a revolutionary new traverse mechanism that offers superior speed, improved layer accuracy and produces extremely dense, defined coils.

Increased Precision.

With the G2 Traverse, a series of mechanical devices work in concert to enable the cable (or other product) to be placed directly on the surface of the coil while winding. By narrowing the distance between the traverse exit and the coil surface, there is very little opportunity for the product to slip or otherwise move out of place.

By ensuring that the product is placed exactly where intended, the completed coil is a direct representation of the complex algorithms generated by the REELEX machine program. This means nothing gets lost in translation – resulting in extremely accurate, high-density coils.

Winding on the surface of the coil also eliminates the need for curved endforms. Having the output guide right next to the surface of the coil means endforms can now be simple flat discs. This means producing custom sizes to accommodate different products is fast and requires minimal machining. Similarly, various mandrel sizes can be produced quickly and easily for variations in coil sizes and shapes.

Support for more products.

By delivering the product to the coil near the surface, and drastically reducing the lag time between delivery and “sticking” in place, the G2 Traverse enables even the most slippery of products to maintain clear payout holes.

G2 Traverse technology enables far more products to use REELEX then ever before, including bare wires, slick coated cables, MTW, hookup wire, alarm cable, welding wire, building wire and more. Products that previously may have slipped during winding and caused the payout hole to close up can now produce coils with clear payout holes – ensuring tangle and twist-free payout.

Extreme high speed.

The G2 Traverse wire delivery mechanism rotates in addition to traversing across the width of the mandrel. This has the effect of “gearing up” the traverse movement, enabling extremely high speed winding, while maintaining a clear payout hole.

At maximum speed on the S290, upwards of 2,000 feet/minute are possible on a 6-inch mandrel, with even higher speeds possible on larger setups.

This high speed is possible because the distance between the traverse exit and coil surface is minimized, so that the product is placed on the surface and immediately pulled taut – “freezing” it in place. This results in a well-defined coil even at extremely high speed.

The Coil

Flat Sides

Because the G2 Traverse places the wire directly on the surface of the coil, the need for mathematically-precise endform curves is negated. The result is an extremely dense, “hockey puck” coil with totally flat sides.


The precision of the G2 Traverse means that the product is placed exactly where the program says it should go. No slipping, dislodging or other undesired phenomenon. Coils are denser, with completely flat sides, meaning there is minimal negative space. As a result, coils stay together better, and fit package cavities easily. Additionally, more wire can potentially fill a space, allowing the option of up to 5%-10% increased footage per package.

Clear Hole

The G2 Traverse ensures that the payout hole is never lost – even when winding extremely slippery products. This means each side of the figure-eight in the REELEX coil are correctly separated and will result in the tangle and twist-free payout end users expect.

The Next Generation Traverse on the Next Generation REELEX Coiling Machine

The revolutionary S290 features G2 Traverse technology, bringing increased precision, higher winding speed and support for building wire and other slippery, small-diameter cables.

S290 Overview

Feet per Minute (Maximum)
Boxes per Hour
Operators per Machine

Line Layout Overview

The S290 can be fed either from a supply reel controlled by motorized payoff, or from coiled bulk package such as “stem”, barrel or wire basket. The input speed of the product is controlled by the UDA dancer which also provides accumulation of the product during stops and starts.

The product then enters an accessory tower which features a length counter and anti-reverse, and a floor-mounted buffer before being coiled on the S290.

Overview Video


G2 Traverse

Taking REELEX to the next level.

The next-generation G2 Traverse uses a series of mechanical devices to place the product extremely close to the surface of the coil.As the coil grows, the entire traverse backs away from the spindle, resulting in a dense, highly-precise REELEX coil that maintains a clear payout hole even when winding extremely slippery products.

The design of the traverse also has the effect of “gearing up” the traverse motion, allowing winding to place at high speed without losing hole integrity.

HMI Touchscreen Controls

Calculate, save, diagnose, control.

The next-generation HMI control system is standard on all REELEX machines and revolutionizes how REELEX equipment is used.

The high-definition 12-inch touchscreen blends off-the-shelf hardware with unique custom software allowing the integration of equipment control with troubleshooting, on-screen manual, packaging calculator, multi-language support, product storage, networking capability and much more.

Two-Stage Tension Control

Handle gently.

When used in combination with the G2 or G3 control system, REELEX’s UDA dancers feature HMI-programmable tension control via digital air regulator and high-flow cylinder. This means each product can have their ideal tension control map, helping to mitigate the effects of physical pressure placed on the cable at the crossover point. What does that mean? That means high performance data cables stay high performance, with less physical deformities.

High-Performance Buffer

High performance suspension.

The key to creating precise REELEX coils is controlling the tension as the product is wound. Every REELEX machine includes a specially designed extremely lightweight ring-sheave buffer system to maintain even tension and create a precise wind.

All machines come standard with 15″ sheaves for high performance products such as Category 6, 6A and Fiber Optics.

Stretch Wrap Module

Most REELEX machines can be ordered with an automated stretch wrap module which blows plastic stretch wrap film, adds tension and automatically cuts the film. This produces a finished coil that is fully wrapped and is easily handled.

The stretch wrap module is particularly useful for securing stiff, springy or flimsy products that easily can lose coil integrity during handling. Stretch wrap is also useful for securing coils so that they may be packaged at a later stage, or simply to create an extremely low-cost package.

EC Compliant Safety Guarding

Included on all + Models.

Starting in 2020 with the new D-750+ and D-1500+ models, REELEX now includes standard enhanced safety guarding including automatic door actuation.

For machines where physical guarding is too restrictive or otherwise prohibitive, a proximity safety sensor is installed to immediately stop the machine if a human gets too close while running.

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In unison with a REELEX-built motorized payoff and UDA dancer, or running from other non-rotation bulk package, a S290 line using a 6-inch (15cm) diameter mandrel will typically run up to 1,200 feet per minute (360m/min), but can run up to 2,000 feet per minute (600m/min) if using a 12-inch (30cm) mandrel. At typical production rate, the S290 will produce up to 60 coils (1,000 ft (305m) length) in an hour depending on operator skill.


Maximum Spindle RPM750
Number of Spindles1
Online CapableNo
Coils per Hour (Online)N/A
Coils per Hour (Offline)40-60 (based on 1,000ft/305m coil length)
Operators Required1
TraverseG2 Traverse System featuring rotating delivery device mounted to movable table with 12-inches (30cm) of available motion. Table is driven by 0.25 HP (0.19 KW) DC motor.
Controller"G2" Industrial PC-based control system with integrated sliding control panel and LCD screen inside control cabinet featuring two speed control modes, real-time displays including program for troubleshooting and testing of all electronic and mechanical functions.
Fully customizable touchscreen HMI operator interface with on-screen help, product recipe storage and retrieval, REELEX packaging calculator, maintenance functions, machine setup, multi-langual options and more.
MotorsOne 5 HP (3.75 KW) DC, 1,750 RPM spindle motor and one 2 HP (1.5 KW) DC, 1,750 RPM traverse motor
Buffer SystemHigh-performance floor-mounted buffer with 15-inch sheaves standard. 9-inch heavy-duty sheaves optional.
CounterFootage counter mounted on floor-mounted accessories tower between buffer and dancer.
Anti ReverseAutomatic Anti Reverse mounted on floor-mounted accessories tower between buffer and dancer. Anti Forward device mounted at input of dancer.
Length, Width, Height57” (145cm), 62” (157cm), 85” (216cm)
ColorEquipment is painted Sky Blue (RAL 5015) unless otherwise specified at time of order. Custom paint other than RAL 5015 is a extra charge option for new equipment.
Air-Supply Requirement70 psi (5 bar) minimum air supply required.
Power Supply Requirement230 v (+/- 10%), 3 phase, 40 amps, 50/60 Hz. Transformer is available upon request.
SafetySICK Proximity Safety Sensor is standard.
OptionsStretch wrap module. 6-inch (15cm) or 12-inch (30cm) mandrel sets.


Pricing - Machine
Machine Base Price (Purchase)$128,100.00
Crating Charge$1,500.00
Pricing - Options
12” Mandrel / 24” Endforms$5,515.00
Stretch Wrap ModuleIncluded
EC GuardingStandard
Pricing - Royalties
Royalty FeesSee Table and Information Here

All prices EXW, Patterson, NY, USA. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices effective Jan 1, 2020. *Royalties adjusted annually per the CPI-U inflation index.

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