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Features and Benefits

Beyond the benefits the tangle and twist-free payout the REELEX coil provides, the REELEX box provides additional benefits inherent in the package. Yet, while you may think a box is just a box. Think again!

Typical Box Features

Why a REELEX box?

You mean, aside from the tangle and twist-free payout performance? Quite a lot. There’s a reason why the REELEX box has become the standard package for a wide variety of small-diameter cabling. In fact, nearly every low-voltage product packaged in lengths of 500 feet (150m) or more has REELEX as a package option. Today, building wire, fiber optic cables, tube and other products are beginning the transition to the “tangle-free package”.

Major REELEX box benefits:


Less waste, more recyclability

When compared with other packaging methods, REELEX allows the greatest opportunity to use recyclable, reusable, compostable, and reclaimed materials. Compost it, recycle it, or sell it. When you use REELEX, you have disposal choices beyond just the dumpster.

Worried about jobsite waste volume? Because spools and reels rarely get broken down prior to disposal, the volume they take up is enormous compared to their weight. Empty REELEX packages take up to 39% less volume when broken down as comparable spools.

Performance if Damaged

Damaged box? No problem!

Unlike spools which can be rendered unusable if dropped or damaged, the REELEX coil will still dispense perfectly, even when the package isn’t so perfect.

Because the REELEX coil does not rely on any internal packaging component for payout, a destroyed package will still dispense. That means fewer returns, and happier customers.


Easy to carry, stack and store

Spools are awkward to carry, a pain to set up and often require extra equipment just to make their use easier. With REELEX, the built-in handles make it easy to position and carry, and because there is no rotating mass, you can start dispensing whenever you want. No need for stands or brakes.

When shipping, no additional packaging is necessary. Just put on a label and send it out the door. And because REELEX packages have no internal structure, they are far more lightweight than spools or reels.

More reasons to use REELEX boxes:

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Box Variations

The REELEX box can be configured in a wide variety of ways, but can easily be identified by payout tube size. The most popular types of REELEX boxes are REELEX I and REELEX II.


While not officially trademarked, the “REELEX I” designation has been commonly used to distinguish these packages from the more recent “REELEX II” designs. REELEX I packages feature coils with relatively small payout holes and utilize EZ-Tubes or the “610” tube.


REELEX II™ is a trademark which incorporates both the tube design and the coil itself. Sometimes called “wide mouth” packages, REELEX II coils are made by weaving a much larger payout hole into the coil and thus require a larger diameter tube.

REELEX I coils are defined by payout holes of between 40 and 60 degrees, and 0.75 to 1-inch diameter payout tubes.

REELEX I boxes are slightly narrower than REELEX II packages, are all side-loaded, and are commonly used for packaging smooth, highly flexible products such as security/alarm cables, hookup wire, THHN, speaker wire and more.

The diagram above shows the payout path of the product as it exits a REELEX I coil. Because of the relatively small payout hole woven in the coil, the product must encounter a tight radius when it is close to the tube. Thus, while some manufacturers continue to package high-performance cables such as Category 5e and Category 6 products in the “REELEX I” box without performance issues, it is not recommended due to the small bending radii imposed on the cables during payout. As a result, REELEX II is recommended for all high performance cabling and large-diameter products such as coaxial cable or drop cable.

This winding method was developed in 1999 to improve payout performance of all products and to increase the bend radius of Category cable. The larger payout hole and tube was found to help significantly with LAN cable signal performance while also smoothing the payout of cables with inherent twisting.

Today it is the most commonly used REELEX package, as it vastly improves payout performance of all products with minimal sacrifice in package size.

REELEX II packages have been used to package many types of products including building wire, fiber optics, and steel cabling, and the package itself is extremely flexible. Because REELEX II packages do not require “cones” like REELEX I boxes do, package designs are highly flexible and can include both end-loaded and side-loaded box designs. Boxes packaging coils up to 21-inches in diameter are common, and larger boxes are possible with some large-diameter products such as conduit.


Introducing EcoCore™ – the next generation REELEX packaging system. A direct replacement for both REELEX I (small tube) packaging as well as REELEX II (big tube) packages, EcoCore brings together the best attributes of REELEX I and REELEX II, while offering unique features, cost advantages, a slimmer profile and a focus on sustainability.

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Box Specifications

There are three general variations of REELEX boxes, each suitable for a different product application. Generally, the box type can be identified externally by the payout tube size. At the smallest end of the lineup, REELEX I boxes serve small-diameter products; while at the other, REELEX II boxes have become synonymous with packaging high-performance structured cables.

Package TypeREELEX I BoxEcoCore BoxREELEX II Box
Typical REELEX Coil Diametersø 9in to ø 16in (23cm to 41cm)ø 9in to ø 22in (23cm to 56cm)ø 12in to ø 22in (30.5cm to 56cm)
Supported Payout TubeREELEX IEcoCoreREELEX II
Estimated Cost$1.50-$2.50 per box*$1.25-$2.50 per box*$1.75-$3.00 per box*
Typical Package Examples500 ft (150m): Security/alarm wire, audio cables, building wires.

1,000 ft (305m): Security/alarm wire, audio cables, building wires.
500 ft (150m): Most flexible low-voltage products and fiber optic cables.

1,000 ft and up (+305m): Most flexible low-voltage products and fiber optic cables.
500 ft (150m): Structured cabling, most low-voltage cables, and fiber optic cables.

1,000 ft and up (+305m): Structured cabling and fiber optic cables.

Payout Tubes

All REELEX packages require a payout tube. The purpose of the payout tube is to ensure that each twist in the coil is resolved inside the package prior to existing the coil so as to result in smooth, twist-free payout. Payout tubes also serve to prevent the coil from rotating inside the package. If a payout tube is not used, some loops of the coil would exit the package resulting in twists and possible tangles.

Payout Tube Types

There are two common types of payout tubes – REELEX I “EZ-Tubes” and REELEX II. In addition to these types, the new EcoCore payout tube uses a cardboard “core” tube and splits the difference between REELEX I and REELEX II.

REELEX I payout tubes range from 2-inches (5cm) to 6-inches (15cm) long. REELEX II tubes come in a single size, because nearly all products using REELEX II dispense best when using a 6-inch (15cm) long tube. EcoCore tubes are 2-inches (5cm) diameter and can be purchased in any length.

Carris Reels is your new supplier for REELEX Payout Tubes

Where do I get REELEX payout tubes?

In mid-2017 REELEX partnered with Carris Reels to manufacture and supply all REELEX packaging supplies. Carris is well-known throughout the industry in supplying non-REELEX packaging materials, and offers licensees superior logistics, distribution closer to their facilities, consolidation of shipments, improved customer service and more.

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