REELEX I size, REELEX II payout – in a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly package.


Features and Benefits

Introducing EcoCore™ – the next generation REELEX packaging system. A direct replacement for both REELEX I (small tube) packaging as well as REELEX II (big tube) packages, EcoCore brings together the best attributes of REELEX I and REELEX II®, while offering unique features, cost advantages, a slimmer profile and a focus on sustainability.

EcoCore Features


What is EcoCore?

EcoCore replaces the typical plastic payout tube with a simple, off-the-shelf, spiral-wound recycled paper tube (also known as a “core”). To secure the core to the package, a specially-designed plastic locking ring is inserted into the core through a hole in the package. The PLR effectively sandwiches the package wall between the PLR flange and the tube, securing the tube to the package and preventing the tube from becoming dislodged.

The EcoCore package offers cable manufacturers a high-performance packaging option that is more cost-effective, has a smaller footprint and uses additional environmentally-friendly materials compared to other options.

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EcoCore benefits:



EcoCore combines a recycled paper tube with a plastic ring made from recycled materials, and uses up to 90% less plastic than an equivalent REELEX II tube. The carton and payout tube itself can be manufactured from post-consumer recycled paper fibers and combine to create a package that is up to 1.25 inches narrower than comparable REELEX II packages. These features result in a REELEX package that uses less material, produces less waste, and is more efficient to ship.

Low Cost

Savings Across the Board

Paper tubes and cores are used in a wide variety of industries and products, from paper towels to mailing tubes. As a result, spiral-wound paper tubes are common and easily sourced from most corrugated suppliers (such as your local box vendor). This abundance means competition is high and prices are low – making the EcoCore tube system up to 25% cheaper than comparable REELEX II plastic tubes.

What’s more, because EcoCore allows the REELEX package to be narrower, boxes can be smaller, use less cardboard, and fit more boxes per pallet and per shipment – decreasing per-unit shipping costs.


Nearly Indestructible

This isn’t a toilet paper roll. The 1/8″ thick spiral-wound paper core can withstand well over 100lbs of crushing strength before deforming – much greater than plastic.

This strength makes EcoCore ideal for wrapped coils such as those used with the Reuser Case, since stacks of wrapped coils on pallets can put well over 90 lbs of pressure on the bottom coil – potentially causing tube deformation with plastic tubes.

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