The Reuser Case

Reusable, economical, indestructible, environmentally-conscious packaging.


Features and Benefits

Beyond the benefits the tangle and twist-free payout the REELEX coil provides, the Reuser Case offers a durable, resuable, weatherproof packaging option for coils up to 15.5-inches (40cm) diameter.

Reuser Case Features

What is the Reuser Case?

The Reuser Case is a durable, weatherproof, cost-effective system designed with the end-user in mind. With the Reuser Case system, the manufacturer ships a stretch wrapped or banded REELEX coil directly to the end-user or jobsite, where the installer cuts the wrap or banding on the coil, inserts the payout tube, and places the coil into the case for payout. Many manufacturers choose to provide the Reuser Case and Payout Tube to the installer free of charge under the condition that refills be ordered through the manufacturer.

Reuser cases were originally designed primarily for use with CATV cables, but can be used with other products in REELEX coils of about 15 ½ inch diameter, and are ideal for outdoor installations of products such as fiber optic drop cables, buried cables, aerial cables and more. Reuser Cases can accommodate both REELEX “I” and REELEX II coils along with their respective payout tubes.

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Reuser Case benefits:


Less waste, more reusing

With the Reuser Case, the cable manufacturer ships a wrapped REELEX coil directly to the end-user, who in turn places the coil into the Reuser Case for easy on-site handling. This option is especially environmentally friendly, since the container gets reused over and over again and thus there is no waste after the cable has been used.

Low Cost

Ship Directly to End-User

With Reuser Case, the cable manufacturer ships a stretch-wrapped, shrink-wrapped or banded coil directly to the end-user. This keeps the per-coil packaging cost extremely low (approximately US$0.50-US$1.00). The wrapped coil is then loaded into the Reuser Case on the job site, almost eliminating on-site waste.

Durable and Weatherproof

Nearly Indestructible

The Reuser Case can carry upward of 50 lbs (22kg) comfortably, while the durable shell can be dropped repeatedly without cracking or deforming. The nature of the design prevents rain or other elements from reaching the product inside, making the Reuser Case the ideal package for cable deployment in any environment.

REELEX in the Movies

In 2013, REELEX’s Reuser Case was used as a planet-destroying prop in Sony Pictures’ film Star Trek: Into Darkness. Install cable or destroy a planet. You can pretend to do both when using the Reuser Case!

The Reuser Case can be seen starting at 1:28

Reuser Case Overview Video

Payout Tubes

All REELEX packages require a payout tube. The purpose of the payout tube is to ensure that each twist in the coil is resolved inside the package prior to existing the coil so as to result in smooth, twist-free payout. Payout tubes also serve to prevent the coil from rotating inside the package. If a payout tube is not used, some loops of the coil would exit the package resulting in twists and possible tangles.

Payout Tube Types

There are two common types of payout tubes – REELEX I “EZ-Tubes” and REELEX II. In addition to these types, the new EcoCore payout tube uses a cardboard “core” tube and splits the difference between REELEX I and REELEX II.

REELEX I payout tubes range from 2-inches (5cm) to 6-inches (15cm) long. REELEX II tubes come in a single size, because nearly all products using REELEX II dispense best when using a 6-inch (15cm) long tube. EcoCore tubes are 2-inches (5cm) diameter and can be purchased in any length.

Carris Reels is your new supplier for REELEX Payout Tubes

Where do I get REELEX payout tubes?

In mid-2017 REELEX partnered with Carris Reels to manufacture and supply all REELEX packaging supplies. Carris is well-known throughout the industry in supplying non-REELEX packaging materials, and offers licensees superior logistics, distribution closer to their facilities, consolidation of shipments, improved customer service and more.

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