Yes, however you will likely be unable to achieve maximum performance from your REELEX machine. This is because underpowered payoffs spend more time accelerating or decelerating then running at full speed.  To achieve the specified rate of production from your REELEX machine, you must utilize a payoff that is capable of rapidly accelerating and decelerating a supply reel and keep it under control.

If you plan to use a non-REELEX payoff with REELEX coiling machines, the payoff must:

  • Have a four-quandrant regenerative DC drive.
  • Accept inputs from a 1K to 5K Ohm potentiometer signal from the UDA dancer.
  • Be designed for rapid acceleration and deceleration from stop to full speed approximately 30 times per hour.
  • Have adequate power to accelerate a full supply reel from stop to full speed in approximately 10 seconds.

ProFlex is a patented technology whose use is administered through a current and signed license agreement.

All products packaged by ProFlex, whether REELEX coils or not, use unique technology licensed by REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc.

ProFlex is part of the REELEX umbrella of patents, thus a current REELEX license agreement gives full rights to the use of ProFlex packaging.

No additional fees are payable to REELEX beyond those currently paid for the use of the REELEX system of patents.

Try increasing the pull cable value.  Screen 12 on the computer inside the controller.  The only thing with this is it uses the same number for left and right so they will both speed up but this may be a good short term fix before you do a full tune of the drive. I would try increasing in increments of 50.  What is the setting now ?

Non-REELEX licensees must sign a separate license agreement to use ProFlex packaging. Royalty fees are indicated below. A US$3,500.00 one-time license fee is paid upon signing the license agreement.

Absolutely! ProFlex packaging is not restricted to just REELEX coils.